About Us & Magnets

About Us

Magnets4Fridge is part of the company AGD, located in Slovenia (EU), which is specialized in architectural and graphic design. The company AGD is active since 2008, but its main designers have proven track record of delivering quality products since 1991.

Magnets4Fridge is specialized in the creation of high quality, custom designed souvenir refrigeration magnets from places all over the world.

Why order a fridge magnet?

There are many reasons why order a fridge magnet which can easiest be described with answers to the below questions:

  • Have you ever been to a place you don't want to forget?
  • Have you ever forgotten to buy a souvenir for a place that you have been to?
  • Would you like that all your friends and relatives can see where you have been to?

Put your memories on a fridge, watch them daily and share them with your visitors. Magnets4Fridge will take care of your magnetic memories.

Customize your magnet

You can choose between different options to adjust the magnet in accordance with your wishes:

  • You may add national flag
  • You can select the year of visiting the place
  • You can choose what will be written on the magnet

If you cannot find an image of the place you want, you can upload your personal image and we will create a custom magnet for you. Personal images may include people, animals, buildings, nature, flowers, or anything else you would like to have on the magnet.

Photographers are welcome to send their work

All photographers are welcome to send their photos and if chosen they will be included in our magnets library. Photographers must warrant that they own all proprietary rights regarding the photographs, and they are obliged to send all photographs under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

There is no financial compensation for the contributed photos, instead Magnets4Fridge will provide promotional services for the photographers and their work. Author is listed on the magnet's site page and also printed on the back of every physical magnet. 

Magnet characteristics

Magnet dimensions are 80 x 53 millimeters (3,15" x 2,1"), with thickness of 3,5 millimeters (0,14") and weight of 25 grams.